Our First Photo shoot

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a studio portrait done but both the husband and I are camera shy (kind of) and so we kept putting it off. Until we saw an offer for the Mount Alvernia Ladies Card members that was too good to resist.

It had a tie up with Baobab Tree Studio which offered a complimentary newborn shoot for babies born at Mt A. It was the perfect opportunity for us to get the experience of a professional photo shoot without actually being in it (Baby Z was going to be the star!)

Booking an appointment was extremely easy. All it took was an email and some details to confirm the birth and we were set. Only clause was that the shoot needed to be done within two months of the birth.

Once we got there we were met by the photographer, a lovely Korean lady who did not speak much english but immediately connected with Baby Z. She swooped down to look at him, carried him and cooed to him while calmly stroking his back. I thought that was great as it’s so important for the baby to relax with the photographer and he did immediately.

All through the shoot she was talking to him in a soft gentle voice (in korean) and Z hopefully gave her the reactions she needed for her shots. The studio itself is not very big but seeing how it was first time in any studio I can’t compare! She put him in quite a few outfit changes and shot a whole bunch of pics. We had to take a break in between to feed him but that went fairly quickly. All in all I thought the experience was fantastic and I can’t wait till friday when we get to choose the prints 🙂 And we are now seriously considering signing up for their package that covers a year in the life of the baby.

P.S. We found out that all the clothes and props that the baby uses is handmade by the photographer – what a talented person!


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