Week Seven

When Z was born I tried putting him on the breast as soon as I could post the csec. I had never done any of it before so I was clueless as to whether too much time had passed or not and if that had affected the “bonding” everyone mentions. What I did know was that Baby Z had a great sucking reflex. He instinctively sought my nipple and sucked deeply. I was fortunate to have a steady and strong flow of milk very early. It was commented on and exclaimed loudly by practically every single nurse/lactation consultant who helped me latch-and there were many who did that. It was true, my breasts were constantly full and heavy, bordering on painful even after a good pump. I filled up bottle after bottle and there was just so much that we thought of donating some. And then it slowed down. I thought, maybe its regulating. (maybe it is) but I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was getting close to 100-130ml per pump session and this is stressful because Z consumes 120-130 per feed. I was losing my buffer.

Reading up on why supply can wane, I realised that one of the main factors can be stress and lack of sleep. Seriously??!! How on earth is a mother of a newborn supposed to get any sleep? As for stress, no sleep can do that to you. And the fact that your whole life has changed permanently. So what was I supposed to do then? Relax? Sleep? take a holiday?I wish!

I’m trying my best to relax. Destress and calm myself down. The Hus is a huge huge help at night when he does all the feeds but unfortunately I can’t sleep through them because I still need to pump. And in the meantime my supply still stays steady instead of increasing. So I’m determined to try out some of the stuff I found online.

  • Drink up!  – This is easy, I love water and can guzzle down litres. The reason I’m skipping on this is just plain tiredness and forgetfulness. No more. I’m going to make a conscious effort to remember now.
  • Sleep – Trying that. It’s dependent on so many outside factors that it’s not always easy to predict if it will happen in a day or not. But I’m giving it my best shot
  • Pump in a stress free environment – This should be easy right? but who really has the time to rearrange the room to get the right chair to sit in with a plug point right next to it so I can pump and ensure that it’s also cool and not stuffy, comfortable and calming. I don’t. So Im sticking to my current location and hoping that me writing my blog (I’m pumping now) or reading an ebook while doing it makes the difference instead.
  • Fenugreek – Supposedly this helps boost supply. I have the actual seeds at home so no harm in trying them right? Just swallowed a teaspoon full and fingers crossed I see the difference soon.
  • Oats – Now this one is tricky. I’ve always been indifferent to oats. During my pregnancy, I tried adding them into my Almond banana shake and immediately felt nauseous. I need to give it another shot. Not looking forward to it but I’ll  try anything for the milk!

So, fingers crossed it works and my supply increases. I really need this. *sigh*



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