Oh My Sleeping Child!

I’ve never been a reader of self help books. Don’t know why actually because I do think that there’s a bit of logic and sense that goes into most of them – but I usually just find them preachy and boring. Now, I’m not sure if ‘bringing up baby’ books count as ‘self help’ but  certainly think they are – I mean aren’t they all about helping yourself manage life after the baby better? isn’t that self help? Anyway, the Husband and I have been trying to follow The Baby Whisperer’s EASY schedule as soon as we got the lil Z boy home and to be honest he fell into it with minimal fuss. There may have been a handful of episodes where we had to let him cry a bit longer until he soothed himself and slept but for the most part it’s been literally easy. Which is why I was (pleasantly) surprised when Z slept for a straight 5.5 hrs the night before last. I mean, isn’t that supposed to happen after month four? Could this whole EASY schedule actually work???!! Well, it happened again last night! and fingers crossed it repeats itself as often as possible. He seems rested and not ravenous when he wakes up and I’m hoping he can do this regularly. He’s 7 weeks old and if he can get this whole sleep stuff down early I’m going to be one proud Ammi!

Wish the Husband was around to see it though, life is hard without him and I can’t wait till he gets back from his 2 week work trip.


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