Two Months

And just like that you are eight weeks old. Eight weeks seems like such a long time, or at least it used to before you came along. Now eight weeks feels like two. You’ve changed so much baby Z, you smile at me now – when I sing and talk to you. You make the sweetest lil cooing noises and you definitely have strong opinions on the last feed of the day. You are developing your own personality and I’m beginning to see glimpses of a person I would love to get to know better!

I miss your skinny legs though. You’ve been filling out and thats great! But it reminds me just how fast you are growing. And I miss your sweet little grunts when you used to settle down for a feed. Those sweet grunts have metamorphosed into growls and grumbles loud enough to wake the neighbourhood. But you are my darling child and I can’t stop loving you!


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