Almost Nine Weeks

…and this whole mothering thing is actually getting easier. Just a bit – and fairly slowly, but definitely easier.

What astonishes me is how much Z has changed. I look back at his pictures on the day he was born, the first week and early days and it hits me – he’s such a different baby! Apart from the obvious fact of putting on weight which almost all babies do the first few weeks of their life, his personality is also emerging steadily.

He no longer sleeps for hours during the day, and when awake – he’s a complete delight! smiling and wanting to play (of course play means staring at a hanging toy for what seems to me like ages but makes him kick his legs furiously in glee), trying to talk and coo with us and staring intently at everything around him. He also lost his frown. A frown he had for the longest time 24/7. I actually liked that frown. Of course I love his smiles, but the frown gave him such a cute lil intellectual look and I miss it sometimes.

But what I love the most is watching this little person come into himself. He looks a bit like me, a lot like his dad and has quite a few features from my father too but he is his own lil being and I love him! His little cries for attention, his rapidly pumping legs as he runs imaginary races in his dreams and his joy to just be. So much to learn from you little Z. And I am learning every day. 🙂


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