What goes in, must come out!

Before we had our baby I was absolutely positive I would have nothing to do with changing diapers. Horrible icky stuff, I mean wasn’t I already doing enough dealing with the input end, I did not want to have anything to do when that eventually came out! Never changed a single diaper in my entire life (although I have two nieces and two nephews, never bothered or volunteered to) and I was desperately clinging to the hope that I could get away with it with my old child too.

But of course thats ridiculous. Which mother can get away without changing a diaper – *sigh* so here I am doing it like a pro, not ever concerned about any icky stuff. The icky stuff found its way to my clothes, my lap, my hands etc a long time ago and now I may never look at samosa chutney in the same way ever again.

But the reason I write this post is because I’m in love with my diapers. We chose, long before Z was born to cloth diaper. We did not want to use something that is not environmentally friendly and contributes to waste that is not easy to breakdown. Although we don’t think we do enough, we try and live green lives – recycling, up cycling, segregating garbage and using products that are eco friendly as far as possible. So it was only obvious that we’d give cloth diapering a decent shot.

Around 70 days in and we have absolutely no regrets! Cloth diapers are wonderful! Now, to be completely honest, we use a combination. Cloth diapers during the day and disposables at night. And I am seriously considering stopping the disposables at night because almost every single night during the feed, Z will pass a motion and he diaper will leak all over us. This has never happened with the cloth diapers (except once when I put the insert in wrong)

We use two brands, Rafraf and Charlie Banana One Sized Pocket diapers. Both are pretty fantastic though if you’d ask me to chose I’d probably go with the Charlie banana’s for just one reason, My lil Z sweats a bit and with the heat in Singapore, I feel like the outer shells of the CB’s is a bit more breathable than the RR. Having said that, the charcoal bamboo insert that comes with the Rafraf does a great job in keeping the surface completely dry. So often I need to double check and feel it again to ensure he really has peed because it’s still so dry. The CB’s soak right through and you know immediately that it’s wet (only once opened though, you can’t feel anything from the outside) Thankfully Z has never cried because of this wetness and is very comfortable in both types.

It’s easy to put on, looks adorable and cute and is not difficult to wash off and maintain. All we do is keep two small buckets filled with soapy water. Once a diaper is dirty we rinse it off with  a hand held spray in the toilet, and then soak the insert and the shell in a bucket each. Next morning we throw it all in the washing machine for a daily wash and line dry it in the sun. Not a single stain on any diaper till date. They wash well and still look as good as the day we bought them. Rafraf had a bit of a problem with one of the buttons but they replaced it for us promptly and we are happy with their service. We have a total of 12 diapers with about 40 inserts.They work just fine for us till now because we do a daily wash but for someone wanting to wash less frequently you may need more.

For those considering cloth diapering, I’d say – go for it! its easier than you think, less stress of diaper rash, cuter bottoms for the babies and so much more kinder to the environment – whats not to love?


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