Three Hour Days

A day has 24 hours. I vaguely remember experiencing that. My day is quite different. I have a three hour day.

It consists of ‘wake up, feed, burp, change diaper, sing songs, sleep, express milk, store milk, wash and sterilise bottles and pump, repeat.’

All my ‘other’ stuff that needs to be done is now on a ‘unless I am dying to do it, it can wait’ basis. Going to the toilet, eating, bathing, these are all squeezed in 5-10 min intervals during my three hour days. As for taking care of myself? I can’t remember the last time I used a moisturiser or visited the salon. I desperately want to read but its almost impossible.

I don’t want my boy to grow up. He is so beautiful and wondrous right now. But I do want a longer day. :-/ *sigh*


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