“Time to Change”

Ah! the joys of changing a dirty diaper in public. Well, not really in public but in a public changing room. Ever since we’ve take the Z-boy out (since he was 2 weeks old actually) we’ve been exposed to what was previously unchartered territory for us; changing rooms.

Now, I must give credit to Singapore for having some of the best public toilets/loos I’ve ever seen. We travel A LOT and I have yet to find a country where the public loos are as widely available and as clean as the ones in Singapore. The same goes for baby changing rooms. Over the past two odd months we’ve visited quite a few – but the one that stood out or me the most so far was the one at 313@Somerset. It was a chance change. We had just finished spending an obscene amount of money at the Mothercare sale at Centerpoint and decided to enjoy a quick meal at my favourite restaurant – Din Tai Fung. The husband thought it would make more sense to change him first so off we went to find the room. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was the room huge, but it also had little cordoned off cubicles for nursing. Very very nice! Comfy chairs, lots of space, hot and cold water, a microwave, a loo inside the changing room and what I thought was damn cute – some hanging baby mobiles above the changing mats to help keep baby occupied whilst you go about cleaning him up. It was a pity some jerk had ripped off one of the mobiles but nevertheless, the idea was so simple yet so wonderful!

My only wish was that there was some way to maybe have a plug point in the nursing room, for mothers who needed to express milk and didn’t have any charge left in their pump. but other than that – very nice indeed!




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