The Importance of Being Burped

When did this noisy and slightly embarrassing (for us adults) bodily function creep up and start to occupy my mind in such large quantities I do not know, but it has and it does. ‘Burping the Boy’ is now my No. 1 priority whenever we feed, before, during and after…for ages!

I remember when he was little (OK, he’s still little I guess, 11 weeks and all that – but he’s changed so much since birth that I can’t help but call him little then) we barely registered the burps. We fed him, positioned him, he burped rather noisily and it was all good. Somewhere around the 8th week, he started to throw up a wee bit. One day that ‘wee bit’ turned into a gush of milk all down the front of his clothes, my pants and the chair we were sitting on. It scared the hell out of me. He, fortunately seemed calm. When it happened again a week or two later I was super stressed. What was causing this? And then the crying started. Z is a happy kid. Smiles a lot, plays and runs A LOT and is generally happy to be on his own or with others. But come feeding time and he resists. He arches his back, kicks his legs and wails. After A LOT of coaxing, eh takes the nipple only tp push it right out again and starts the whole wailing cycle again. This can take over an hour. I tried holding him upright, tried giving him smaller portions of milk, tried burping him every 30ml but honestly, it still happens and I worry that my good natured lil boy is turning into a cranky lil chap.

All I know now is that the burp has never been so important to me. As I gently thump his back and wait anxiously for that release of air from his tight little tiny body, I pray that he doesn’t bring up any milk, nor scare himself with the action or feel so much discomfort. It’s frustrating to feel so helpless towards your child’s misery. A new feeling for me..:-(

Maybe its reflux and maybe its colic – whatever it is, I want it gone.


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