15 Weeks! (and two days)

How fast you grow my darling boy!

Was taking Z for a walk in the stroller the other day when we passed a new mum holding her spanking new baby in her arms. The little angel was so so tiny! just a little ball of wonder and my heart melted. Please note, I am not the kind of woman who gushes and goos at babies. I like them but I’m not the one who’ll rush to hold them or kiss them. But seeing this lil one reminded me of my sweet Z. And it all came to me in a rush then, he’s no longer a newborn, He’s an infant now. I can no longer hold him in a cradle pose and expect his limbs to tuck neatly in my arms. The breastfeeding pillow tilts at a precarious angle when I lay his heavy body on it and yes, the legs are way off the edge. His 0-3 months clothes are tight and he holds his head up observing every little thing that is around him. I miss his sweet sleepy jaundiced gaze when he was a newbie. ut I’m falling in love with his assertive gooey eyes and strong chubby hands that grab and yank my hair constantly.

Oh Baby Z, you are my constant joy! and I love you.


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