Express Yourself – Hey Hey Hey Hey!

Never ever ever make the mistake of going to the first day of a baby fair ‘with’ your almost four month old, on a public holiday. We did that this friday and boy did we pay for it.

It was at the Expo, we’ve been to this fair the last time it was held (October 2013) and I was about 7 months pregnant. Although it was crowded then, it was nothing compared to this time. And since there was no one at home to watch Z we had to take him along. Now, Z was a complete angel, no fussing or crying but I felt bad for the poor chap as it was hot and stuffy and very very crowded. We hardly got the time to browse any stores, barely saw a quarter of the products on offer and yet ended up spending close to 5 hours in the fair – 43 of which were spent standing in payment queues. *sigh*

Personally I paid for this dearly. As an expressing mum, I need to express milk every three hours or so. But with such a small baby, planning doesn’t always happen on schedule and so I had pumped my last round at 9.30 am. It was close to 5pm and we were still at the expo. It would take me another hour at least to get home by the mrt (if I joined the queue for cabs probably longer). Luckily for me earlier in the day while I was browsing the store for stuff I noticed the Tommee Tippee Manual pump marked down to 34$.(less than half) We use their bottles and although I’m pleased with my Medela Pump in Style I needed something to throw in a bag when outside. I bought the pump and when we walked out of the expo hall realised that this was the perfect opportunity for me to test it. My breasts were hurting so bad that we barely had the time to tear open the wrappings and set up the pump before I started to leak 😦

Image courtesy :Amazon

The Positives?

  • Easy to set up.
  • Not too many parts to assemble. And not to difficult to use.
  • The big silicone horn was comfortable and didn’t hurt me at all. The box came with literally everything I needed to pump! which made it so much easier for me to use it then and there.
  • I also liked the lid they gave with the bottle.

The Negatives

  • Yes, I did drip all over myself, but then again that happens to me with my medela too sometimes so I think its all in the angle of holding the pump.
  • Having never used a manual pump before, I thought it was tedious and my hands did hurt.
  • Since I hadn’t pumped all day my milk was flowing very freely but I wonder if the pump would be as effective on a normal three hr schedule.
  • The teeny tiny milk jars that came with the box – what was that about?! they could barely hold a pickle. I think they should’ve put in one larger jar that held at least 120 ml. This was probably 50 or less.
  • When we got home and washed the parts up I noticed that one of the parts was not as easy to clean. If used regularly it could become quite a pain to keep milk free.

Overall, I like that it complements my tommee tippee bottles. It’s also handy to throw in a bag to avoid engorgement on a day out but it’s not as easy to clean and can hurt the hand if used continuously for a long duration.


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