Itchy and Scratchy

I guess it was inevitable – given just how hot and humid it is here and the fact that my sweet lil Z sweats a LOT, sooner or later we would have to deal with an outbreak of diaper rash. *sigh*

Now we only use cloth diapers. Always have, ever since he came home from the hospital. We only use disposables when we go out for the entire day and in the very early days for nights. But no more. We find that the cloth diapers hold much better, no leaks and no accidents. But thanks to the heat and my sweaty lil boy, the darn diaper rash has struck. This morning Z was very fussy and cranky. This is very unusual for him as he rarely cries for longer than five mins – usually to communicate something. But this morning he wouldn’t stop. We checked everything (including the diaper) and there was no reason for him to fuss so much. Until I opened up his diaper (remembering that yesterday he was a bit red when changing) and he stopped crying immediately. A little bit of probing and I saw his poor lil bummy all red and sore. And a bit of the rash was also on his hips. The poor lil baby. Immediately wiped him down, and left him open. He fell asleep after his feed and was calm and relaxed. Until he decided to pee. All over our bed. Well I guess theres a first and its great that we managed to go 4 months with a baby and no pee on the bed right? *sigh*

Anyway, it seems like a mild outbreak so Im hoping it goes away soon. Applied some Mustela and will see how things go. He is no longer crying and seems like his happy sweet self again.

On a separate note – my supply has dropped again. Super stressed. Not sure why this time but Ive started on the fenugreek again. Fingers crossed it bounces back asap.