Scratch Scratch the Back!

Huggies Super Dry diapers are horrible! We usually use cloth diapers but occasionally when we go out or visit people we use disposables – just to make it easier for everyone involved. About a month ago we were out and about a lot – resulting in a lot of disposes. The diaper used at the time was Huggies. Little did I know that it would be a horrible horrible decision. Z developed a rash. Not just on the butt cheeks but all along his waist and thighs. Lucas Papaw cream cured the part on his butt almost overnight, but the one on his girdle/waist and sides of his upper thighs remained. Thanks to their position my lil scamp constantly scratched and scratched and made it worse. There was almost no way we could stop him. I tried cutting his nails almost weekly (why do they grow so fast?!) making him wear his lil mittens (not a viable option as he sucks his fingers and the cloth would just get dirty and it wasn’t very hygienic) Singapore is so hot! putting him long pants was ridiculous…he sweats even when the aircon is on so no can do. We just had to struggle along trying to get his tiny hands away from his torso….diaper changes were such a challenge!

Norway was slightly better but even there the rash persisted. We had to obviously stop Huggies, stopped the cloth diapers too since he he scratched through them and they tended to heat his skin up when he scratched.

What worked for us? (its still a WIP as of now though)

  • Not too many baths (they tend to dry his skin up)
  • Cetaphil Moisturising cream/Cetaphil Restoraderm/Papaw Cream and Pure Therapy by Purist cream – a combination of these at various stages helped calm the rash down and like I said, its still a work in progress
  • Merries diapers. I do not like disposables but I have to admit these are pretty good when it comes to combatting a rash or allergic reaction
  • Libero diapers. Found these in Norway when we were running low on Merries. Worked just as well

Ah! its hard to see the lil puppy in discomfort but I’m hoping its on the recovery road and we can go back to our cloth bums 🙂




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