Isn’t that a brilliant name for a spoon? haha! I love it! both the name and the product.

When I first tried to feed Z some oatmeal with a baby spoon and bowl it created a terrible mess. There was oatmeal EVERYWHERE! in his hair, on his neck, on the chair and on me. And it is NOT something you can just wipe off especially if its made with breast milk. So although I looked forward to solids with the boy I dreaded the mess. And then the great and wonderful Husband remembered that a long long time ago (last year in October actually) before Z was born, we had gone for a baby fair and purchased this feeding spoon from Boon. Back when we bought it we never really thought much about just how helpful it will turn out to be. And I’m so so glad we did.

It’s a game changer for our meals really. Z loves it and I find it so much easier to feed him with. No time wasted refilling the spoon from the bowl and no time wasted wiping it off his face as somehow this spoon has a shape that fits perfectly into his tiny lil mouth.

Can’t wait to buy another one 🙂


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