Before I forget! I need to write this down and share it because it really worked for me.

Thankfully, in the past six odd months of pumping I have had a clog just twice. Though that was twice too many it still features pretty low in the breastfeeding/pumping world.

When it did happen to me, every single search I did for solutions suggested massaging in some form or another. This along with heat applications should help loosen the clog. Well, the first time I did it I massaged the hell out of my breast until my entire hand was aching and my fingers cramped. I always take really hot showers so that was not a problem but the massaging was taking a toll on my hands not to mention that it really hurt too.

Then the second time I got a clog I was in the shower trying to use the hot water and massage at the same time when my eyes fell on the shelf that holds my shampoo and soap etc. Lying there since I think 2009 (I don’t think I ever used it honestly) was The Body Shop Cellulite Massager.

I picked it up and used it to massage my clog – and it felt great! One pump later and it was gone….I am so so glad I thought of using it for this because I honestly think it brilliant! Yay! so what if I still have cellulite, I am definitely clog free 🙂

Image Courtesy Amazon


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