And just like that – half a year has passed since you came into our world.

Seven months since I’ve actually gone shopping for myself.

Seven months since I’ve met up with my girlfriends for Din Tai Fung or coffee

Seven months since I’ve met the husband at work for a lunch date

Seven months since I’ve had a nap in the afternoon

Seven months since I’ve slept earlier than 00:45

Seven months since I’ve woken up later than 7 am (I know there are mum still struggling to get this)

Seven months since I’ve travelled anywhere that didn’t have the option of a nursing room or a place I could pump/express milk

Seven months since I’ve made less than two trips to my favourite place ever – the library

Seven months since I’ve worn regular underwear. Nursing bras simply are not attractive. (Sorry Bravado – you come pretty close but still no cigar)

Seven months since I’ve slept on my side (I miss that!)

Seven months since I’ve crocheted ‘anything’! Or painted. (I miss that too)

Do I regret not doing any of these things? Never. I miss them. But I love you. And you’e given me more than any of these ‘things’ ever ever could.

I look at you and you look right into me. Straight through my heart – I now understand exactly what that means. I love you sweet boy. I cannot imagine how I spent my entire life without you. These seven months have been the most trying, difficult, hard, soul searchingly honest and completely exhilarating months of my life! Thank you baby boy. Cheers to the future!



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