Walking on Sunshine!

I love being a mother. When it was just the Husband and me, I never thought much about having a child or raising a family. I knew , somewhere deep inside that I wanted to.But I never really spent time daydreaming about it or anything like that. And then we got pregnant and I started to get excited. When Z was born, the first few weeks were/still are a blur. And then they added up to months and before I knew it, Z was inching closer and closer to his first birthday. With tat, it also celebrates my first year as a mother. I love being a mother! I love how much this child has changed me.

I am so much more than I was before.

I am patient. So much more patient! with my husband, with my parents, with my siblings and my friends.

I am indifferent. To negativity. To differing opinions on raising my child (if they are not valid, justified or better in any way I have no trouble dismissing them) To people who dislike me. I don’t lose sleep any more about what others think of me. It doesn’t matter at all.

I am kinder. To children. To older people. To my husband, who is doing way more than he can and yet never ever relaxes unless I am sitting down too.

I am stronger. A lot more stronger than I imagined. I can get by on less than 5 hours of sleep (though I don’t know for how much longer!) and I push my body to do much much more than I’ve ever made it do in the last 30 odd years.

I am positive. I am blessed. My family is a blessing. My child is a gift and my life is simple and joyous. Even in my moments of sorrow and sadness, I smile because I know I have a blessed life. Thank God for every single moment I live. Because it truly is wondrous!

Being a mother has changed me for the better. I am calmer now and I am no longer anxious or irritable. Of course I do get angry, annoyed, snap and grumble often enough. But I cans sense the change inside me and I love it! Thank you my sweet lil Z. You make me a better person every day. I love you so much my darling boy. I always always will.


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