Angel of Mine

Why do babies grow so fast? When Z was born, I can barely remember the first week (except that we were battling his jaundice). The first month was a blur. Pumping continuously and dealing with a brand new baby combined with no sleep and a new house was too much. Then the days dragged. I was constantly tired, always exhausted and missing my pillow so darn much. I struggled (although at the time I barely registered anything except exhaustion) with balancing my pumping times with his feeds, washing up bottles, sterilising, washing up pump parts, feeding, pumping, washing up diapers – it was never ending. I had no much help. Mum was told (by me) not to do anything but play with Z if she felt like. And the husband helped but then he had to go back to work so the entire day was mine to work. It was hard. When we went to Norway at 4 months I was exhausted with the schedule. I just wanted a break (I still do actually)

But then we came back. He was older. At six months he started solids. That gave me a bit extra work to make his food from scratch but it also was fun. (To make things extra fun we cloth diaper, and when he started solids we did baby led weaning and only home cooked food.) He began to interact more, laugh a lot, develop his personality and I began to fall in love. Again. Reminding me; again, how it was all worth it. The next few months simply disappeared in a flash. And here I am at 13+ months smiling and reminiscing. Why do babies grow so fast?

I love you my fierce lil, beautiful gooey eyed, always smiling for Ammi, banana loving, hand waving dancer, sweet baby boy. Stay this way sunshine. you are perfect.


Sweet Child of Mine

Gosh it’s been a while!

So much has happened (as it usually does in life) since my last post. I survived that very long absence from the husband (it was 17 days) and Z and I were just fine. December saw us taking a trip back home with Z for the first time. It was nothing like our previous trips but it wasn’t half as bad as it could’ve been.

We celebrated his first birthday with family and some friends – had a nice party and great food. Celebrated New years and my birthday at one of my favourite places ever and then shopped for all our goodies before we came home.

Can’t believe January is almost over. Where does the time fly?

Z is growing perfectly! yes, he giggles when his tummy is kissed. And he LOVES my food (yay!) Feeding him is no longer a chore. He guzzles his milk, gobbles his solids up and is overall a happy lil puppy. Thank God. He has yet to walk and speak intelligibly but I am in no hurry. He can take his time. His baby babbles are delightful and his wobbly stance is adorable so I will enjoy and soak those in as long as I can.

Life actually looks stable now. I am no longer tired all the time, I can actually plan a few things in my day, I do get a mental break every now and then and as sad as it makes me, my pumping journey will probably end in a few months. I’m down to three pumps a day. I know if I drop to two my supply will drastically drop too so Im holding on longer. Z has yet to drink milk from a cup (he drinks water) and until he does, I need to pump for him. I don’t want to give him almond milk in a bottle. If he can take it from a cup it would be great but he’s still resisting.

Lots to do over the next few months, some major milestones to meet – but its all good. Life is wonderful!