26 months

26 months (and some days) Thats how long I managed to give my child my milk.  For me, it is an amazing accomplishment. One that I worked my butt off to achieve and easily the hardest thing I have ever had to do, including childbirth.   But I did it.  Of course, like most of these things go – I could not do it alone, but the hard, long hours…the sleepless nights…the frustration and the physical pain and discomforts…the breast lumps, hot water bags, endless massages, horrible nursing bras, inflexible pumping schedule, cracked and sore nipples – those were all mine.

I could not go anywhere without my pump! Unless it was for less than 2 hours.  Pumping in malls, friends homes, at parties, on planes, in buses, at picnics.. did it all.  I remember going for the weekend at New years eve to celebrate and spending literally the whole time in the room pumping.  I missed the dancing, the dinner, the fireworks, the games, the laughing and bonding – all of it.  it was not the way i had hoped i would bring in my birthday or the new year.  but I did it anyway.  I surprised myself at my patience and tenacity.  And it paid off.

26 months and my child has never fallen sick (touch wood!) Of course it could be a variety of reasons for that but I’d like to believe I contributed a wee bit.

It is bitter sweet.  But it is done.  And there are many happy moments to look forward to.