Nineteen Months

A year and a half. Where on earth did it go? I now have a toddler. he toddles! I finally know exactly what that word means!! 🙂 and its wonderful!

He can now say his name..though his first word was ‘Car’ and he doesn’t really say much else – he’s still our wondrous beautiful child who still takes my breath away.

There are so many many many moments in my day when I thank God for him. For the blessing that i can spend all this time with him. Watching and learning. How to embrace my day with joy and wonder. For the moments when he drops his favourite vacuum cleaner and comes to give me a hug. And stays. Holding me with his tiny lil arms around me only to break away with a wide smile…that makes my heart all mushy.

I love his lil quirks.

His obsession with vacuum cleaners. (we now own 5). His love for books. His ability to pick himself up evertime he falls over, without a whimper. His need to clean up. everything! His joy and genuine love for dogs (we really need to adopt one soon) His adorable dance steps. His belly laugh when you kiss him on his tummy. The way his hair curls at the nape of his neck. His sweet salty smell. His love for spicy food and bananas. His sweet hoarse voice.

Thank God for him. Our beautiful, wonderfully blessed child. *sigh*


Eight Months

Eight months. Eight Months! Eight Months!! really?? where has the time gone lil Z? You are now crawling – backwards more than forwards and frogging it more than actually crawling but you’re moving! Your diet has gone from 100% Breast milk to avocados, pears, apples, bananas, salmon, chicken, broccoli, carrots, spinach, rice, sweet potatoes, plums, whew! I can barely keep up! 

You are still (thankfully) on only breast milk and I hope and pray i can keep it that way for as long as possible.

You smile so much now. And you giggle when we tell you stories, jabber away with your toys, you straight out belly laugh when we kiss your tummy and you are not afraid to voice your opinions on the weather.

Always happy to see us, happy to go out, happy to take a pram ride, happy to sit in your Tula, happy to eat what’s in front of you and happy to get into bed, happy to get a diaper change and happy to talk with your friends (Mousie, Octo, Capo, Cato, Snoopa, Sophie and Lil Bee)

I am completely in love with you. I cannot stop kissing your sweet lil face. You are really a blessing, you know that? Don’t grow up so fast sweet baby boy. You make every thing worthwhile. Everything.





Of late, I’ve caught myself swaying. Just swaying – my whole body moving from left to right, my foot tapping to an invisible tune. Rocking an invisible baby. It’s like my body remembers to move constantly otherwise the baby will get antsy. But my brain has forgotten to mention to my body that the baby isn’t there. H’s safe in his pram/bed/fathers arms/playing and here I am on auto sway – moving to soothe a baby who isn’t even there. *Sigh* Parenthood!